High-precision forecasts for safe + efficient Airport operations

Highly precise weather forecasts tailored for the aviation industry offers strategic support for airports, airlines and ground handling companies, increasing safety and efficiency in day-to-day operations.

Challenges in the aviation industry

Airport operators are always thinking of how to improve the quality and efficiency of their services. Weather plays an important role in this regard. Central challenges are the optimisation of capacities, deployment planning, the planning of winter services, prevention of severe weather-related accidents and minimisation of ground handling stops. Approaching thunderstorms for example, requires the closure of runways and certain activities such as refueling cannot be carried out during severe weather alerts.

Aviation Challenges:

  • When to stop and resume ground handling activities
  • Anticipating de-icing + winter weather requirements
  • Optimal scheduling of ground handling resources
  • Preparing for disruptive weather patterns
  • Guidance on safety for passengers and employees

Efficient airport management with UBIMET weather data

UBIMET’s world-leading technologies are applied in the Weather Cockpit to ensure efficiency and safety for the aviation industry. Data is supplied via the online portal, which is tailored to the exact location and specific requirements. Critical parameters in aviation such as wind speed, wind direction, the risk of lightning strike and temperature at all elevations are taken into consideration in the Weather Cockpit. In addition, the API interface “UBIMET:Connect” provides companies with a variety of solutions for the quick and easy integration of weather data in websites and applications.

UBIMET Solutions:


  • Thunderstorm tracking

    • Detecting thunderstorms in the vicinity of the airport
    • Short-term forecasts of thunderstorm movements
    • Calculating estimated thunderstorm arrival time
    • Distributing early warnings via Aviation Weather Cockpit, e-Mail and text message

    • Patented 3-D measurement algorithm
    • Real-time lightning information
    • Accuracy within 75 meters
    • Ability to precisely define lightning alarms (e.g. ICAO 8/5 km radius recommendation)

    • Weather-related warnings when parameter thresholds are exceeded (e.g. wind, temperature, precipitation, snow)
    • Severe weather warnings provided by meteorologists
    • Ability to precisely define user groups receiving alerts
    • Distributing early warnings via Aviation Weather Cockpit, e-mail and text message

    • Optimized planning for ground operation shifts and resources
    • Automatic alignment with meteorological forecasts
    • Displayed as green / yellow / red days in Aviation Weather Cockpit
    • Planning horizon of up to 8 days

References from the aviation sector