Energy forecasts

Increasing efficiencyminimising risks and saving costs – these goals for the energy market can be achieved with highly precise weather data and forecasts.

High-quality, location- and time-specific weather measuring data and meteorological short- and mid-term forecasts for customers from the energy sector are part of UBIMET’s service portfolio. So-called meta-forecasts are used for the optimisation of production forecasts. In this, the strengths and weaknesses of various types of models are continuously analysed on the basis of actual data and combined in a best-of mix.

The main customers for this service are grid operators, but also municipal utilities that require location- and time-specific forecasts for determining the demand for gas and electricity. Specialised and individual solutions such as historical, energy-meteorological time lines for the location and network planning round out the portfolio in the field of energy forecasts. The challenges posed by renewable energies are based on a lack of historical data for comparison. Using a long-term index, UBIMET achieves the comparability of production values from the wind and solar industries with historical data. Every month, the output of the solar and wind energy production in the past 30 years is related to the currently installed output. This also works in the reverse direction for the modeling of realistic future scenarios. In the UBIMET family, our German subsidiary EWC is the Competence Centre for the Energy Sector. Click here to find out more

Energy trade forecast

Do you need information about possible cold snaps or hot weather periods to determine the expected energy demand? The energy trade forecast offers a quick, population-weighed overview of the mean daily temperature for European countries, regions and urban centers. By means of temperature forecasts and information on deviations from the long-term mean climate values, the future weather situation can be illustrated with regard to the demand. The daily mean temperature is predicted for today and the following two days (day-ahead), for the current week (intra-week) and for the following week (week-ahead).

Your advantages provided by the energy trade forecast

  • Clear visualisation of the daily mean temperature on European overview maps with different colour-coded alert levels for registered customers
  • Easy interpretation and a quick grasp of the temperature development based on the deviation from the mean climate values

Energy forecasts for renewable energies

Energy forecasts for renewable energies include: wind energy forecasts for wind power supply for wind farms worldwide, solar energy forecasts for solar power supply for solar parks worldwide, wind potential analyses for reliable wind data for your project and your operating analyses, run-of-the-river forecasts for hydrological forecasts regarding energy production for catchment areas and meta-forecasts.

Your advantages provided by energy forecasts for renewable energy:

  • Precise tool for wind, solar and hydro-power industry
  • Highly precise weather data and forecasts for more accurate calculations
  • Effective deployment and resource planning
  • Timely detection of excess energy in the grid and increased planning safety