Formula 1 Season 2016

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Abu Dhabi  United Arab Emirates

F1: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix


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UBIMET receives funding from FFG Frontrunner program

Research and Development

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Technology  Research & Development

More than 20 successful research projects with UBIMET

PGA Australia

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New client in Golf: PGA of Australia

Technology  Data

Innovative weather products and solutions

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Services  Severe Weather Center

millions of customers rely on UBIMET's severe weather warning service

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Global coverage


Severe Weather Centres on 3 continents and expertise covering weather phenomena around the world.

FIA Weather Forecast

The latest weather forecast for the next F1 race


Follow the link for high-precision weather information for the next race.

090916 Australian Sailing Team

Australian Sailing Team at Summer Olympics 2016


UBIMET played a role in the success by providing precise weather data and forecasts.


Global Leader in Meteorology Products and Services

As the number of extreme weather events continue to rise, the reliable and early recognition of severe weather is crucial. With a reputation for excellence and innovation in the field of severe weather warnings, UBIMET offers specialised solutions and highly accurate communications delivered directly by our expert meteorologists. Teamed with Australia's largest and most advanced Lightning Detection System UBIMET's warnings assist with the minimisation of damage to property and ensure the safety of employees and customers. 

Improving transport services with reliable weather forecasting products

Storms and flooding can lead to delays or closures of road systems and rail networks. UBIMET offers a high-resolution weather model, which was developed in-house specifically for companies working in transport and logistics.

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One day, two world records!

I flew along the cliffs, at the mercy of the winds, waves and great whites below,” says Jonny. "The weather played a huge part in these world records. And thanks to UBIMET, which stayed on provided me with advice on when to attempt the records and an onsite meterologist I was issued with the best possible forecasts and wind predictions." - Jonny Durand

UBIMET – weather matters

UBIMET is one of the world’s leading private weather service providers.

Our partners and clients are provided with fully customised, highly precise and time-relevant forecasts and weather warnings.

Our Research & Development team works with international research institutions to continually refine weather models, improve forecast technology and expand our extensive product suite.

UBIMET is mindful of its responsibility to stakeholders. Weather dependent partners, infrastructure operators, government authorities and emergency services together with more than two million private customers are serviced by our expert team of Meteorologists who watch over the weather globally, around the clock, 365 days a year.

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A look behind the scenes

What's new at UBIMET? Which companies and organizations have recently decided to use UBIMETs precise weather data? What projects has the research and development department just completed? What’s going on regarding the weather at the Formula 1 races? What are the topics for small talk among meteorologist? How do the offices in Vienna, Melbourne, New York, look like...?

These and other questions are now answered on our social media channels. A look behind the scenes - it's worth it!