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Setting new standards in global meteorology

UBIMET – weather matters

UBIMET is one of the world’s leading private weather service providers.

Our partners and clients are provided with fully customised, highly precise and time-relevant forecasts and weather warnings.

Our Research & Development team works with international research institutions to continually refine weather models, improve forecast technology and expand our extensive product suite.

UBIMET is mindful of its responsibility to stakeholders. Weather dependent partners, infrastructure operators, government authorities and emergency services together with more than two million private customers are serviced by our expert team of Meteorologists who watch over the weather globally, around the clock, 365 days a year.

Dr. Michael Fassnauer & Manfred Spatzierer
Dr. Michael Fassnauer & Manfred Spatzierer

Hyper-local weather forecasts in real-time

UBIMET’s commitment to precision forecasting relies on a number of elements including: the quantity and quality of data collection and the interpretation of that information by our experienced Meteorologists. They are supported by a team of Computer Scientists, Physicists, Geographers and an in-house Research and Development department.

We are continuously updating our data collection methods and proprietary algorithms to provide highly accurate, individually tailored and real-time weather forecasts for private and government sectors.

To ensure accurate local and regional forecasts, we have developed our own model (UBIMET RACE MODEL), where the topography of a region is taken into account when issuing the forecast. This ensures that highly accurate data and severe weather warnings are produced even when there are differences in elevation. 

We source our data from over 28,000 weather stations around the world. This is collected on UBIMET’s servers together with the most up-to-date satellite, weather radar, radiosonde and lightning data. These elements are saved and then processed into regional forecasts. UBIMET has one of the largest weather databases in the world. 

Setting new standards in global meteorology

The UBIMET team continuously sets new standards in global meteorology. Our R&D department, weather models and forecasts are frequently refreshed in collaboration with international research institutes.

The European Commissioner for Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes, named UBIMET as an example of Europe’s digital future.

Our current service has the capacity to warn several million private customers via push message, text message, email or fax about severe weather dangers including storms/hurricanes, heavy rain, hail, thunderstorms, heavy snowfall or freezing rain at any time of the day or night.

UBIMET does not use automatic warnings - our team of expert meteorologists observe and analyse the weather around the clock, 365 days a year.

Our meteorologists observe the weather.
Our meteorologists observe the weather.

Global leader in meteorology and severe weather services

Leading businesses from the a variety of industries together with several million private customers, rely on UBIMET’s corporate services and individually tailored solutions.

UBIMET works with industry sectors including: 

The company operates the weather services Österreichische Unwetterzentrale (Austrian Severe Weather Centre), Deutsches Unwetterradar (German Severe Weather Center) and wetter.tv.

Our innovative product ideas and continuous delivery of high-quality services have garnered worldwide interest. In the years following UBIMET’s creation, our weather service has undergone significant expansion in Eastern Europe. 

In 2011, an office was founded in Melbourne, Australia with a full scale operation including meteorologists, business development, marketing and infrastructure now active.

In 2012 Red Bull became a major shareholder in the company making UBIMET part of a global network spanning more than 80 countries.