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Massive threat for Japan and Formula 1

The imminent threat to Japan from Typhoon PHANFONE is gradually unravelling. The current forecasts from Formula 1 Weather ServiceUBIMET indicates the arrival of rainbands, these at times heavy, for Sundayand, with the centre of the Typhoon will pass close by on Monday morning withwidespread transport disruption, structural damage and possible injuries.

Wet Race likely scenario
For Sunday there are no significant changes to previous UBIMET-forecasts. Therain will largely be persistent - possibly with an occasional drier interlude - but also itwill become heavy at times, this more likely after midday. Thus, at the scheduled timeby 15:00 local time (8:00 CEST), a wet race seems to be a likely scenario. Theexpert on-site meteorologists Steffen Dietz and Andy Swan expect the passage ofthe typhoon centre between the early and the afternoon hours of Monday."Probably PHANFONE will pass to the southeast of Suzuka. There are also modelsolutions that can draw the eye directly on the race circuit. In both cases severestructural damage is expected on Monday, with possible widespread severedamage from the second case."

Typhoon creates challenges for the Premiere in Sochi
The huge mass of equipment that Formula 1 operates must be dismantled andpacked up immediately after the race - Sunday evening into Monday (local time) andafter that transported from Japan to Russia. The Grand Prix of Russia takes placeon the following Sunday, October 12th. Keeping to this tight schedule will be whollydependent on how the typhoon behaves and will surely be a tough challenge.

Estimated storm track from Friday until Monday /
Estimated storm track from Friday until Monday /