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Dramatic cool change set to hit Victoria Tuesday afternoon

Dramatic cool change set to hit Victoria Tuesday afternoon

After a run of warm to hot days, temperatures in Victoria are set to plummet by as much as 20 degrees in some areas, says UBIMET, an internationally recognised leader in meteorology and severe weather warnings.

“A southerly change is forecast to sweep across the state on Tuesday afternoon and the temperature change will be sudden and dramatic,” says James Wilby, UBIMET Senior Meteorologist.

“The last few days have seen Melburnians flock to the parks and beaches as blue skies and soaring temperatures have resulted in an early taste of summer – and the AFL Grand Final on Saturday was the hottest on record, with temperatures hitting 31.3 degrees Celsius."

The highest October temperature in Melbourne occurred back in 1914 when the thermometer topped out at a scorching 36.9 degrees, while 2006 came in a close second when 36.6C was recorded.

After a hot Saturday and milder Sunday (top temperature in the mid-20s), the temperature has risen rapidly today (Monday) to reach the mid-30s, and this is set to be replicated on Tuesday.

“Gusty northerly winds have brought searing temperatures from the interior of Australia southward into Victoria, which has caused the temperatures to rise,” says James. “But this won’t last, with a cold front forecast to hit on late Tuesday afternoon.

“This will spread eastwards through Victoria, bringing a dramatic change in temperature. It will be associated with gusty winds – especially for Bayside areas, with winds up to 100kmh possible for a short time around St Kilda.

“Other locations around the Bay, including Geelong, Frankston and metropolitan Melbourne, are also at risk, with wind gusts in excess of 90km/h forecast for a short time as the change surges in.”

UBIMET forecasts a cool day on Wednesday, with a maximum of just 17 degrees in Melbourne, some three degrees below the October average. Temperatures are then forecast to gradually climb once again towards next weekend, although UBIMET doesn’t anticipate the extremes Victoria and, in particular, Melbourne is currently experiencing.