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Melbourne in for a warm reprieve over the weekend

Melbourne in for a warm reprieve over the weekend

After the coldest winter in 26 years, Melbourne is in for a warm reprieve over the weekend. Four  days in a row are forecast to be 20°C or above for the first time since the end of March, with Sunday expected to reach a maximum of 23°C. That should put the spring back into Melbourne's step.

Melbourne, 9th September 2015 “It’s been a long time coming, and the low to mid-­‐20s temperatures forecast for Friday through to Monday will be a welcome respite after the coldest winter since 1989,” says UBIMET Senior Meteorologist James Wilby. “While these temperatures are not unusual in September, the warm change will be particularly noticeable after a chilly winter dominated by cold south-­‐westerlies.

“The reason for the change is a shift in wind direction from the south to the north, just in time for some spring warmth to migrate into the south east. But unfortunately this warm spell is not expected to last beyond Monday.”

The temperature will slowly rise from today's 14°C to 16°C on Thursday, 20°C on Friday, and then on Saturday it will climb to 21°C and peak at 23°C on Sunday. The warm run of days will finish on  Monday with an expected high of 20°C that will be quickly followed by a cool change during the day. 

“The warmer temperatures will no doubt be welcomed by the thousands of fans attending the start of AFL finals season and Sandown 500 V8 Supercars race this weekend in Melbourne,” says James. "The last time we saw temperatures reach 23°C in Melbourne was 1 May this year.

"Northerly winds will bring higher temperatures from the west and the interior down towards Victoria. It’s certainly a step up from the average maximum September temperature for Melbourne of 17°C.” 

Heat from WA and SA borders 

Heat will build on the border of Western Australia and South Australia on Friday as air from the interior is brought down by winds along the back edge of a high pressure system over south east Australia. 

“This warm plume will then spread eastwards through South Australia on Saturday, before reaching NSW and central/eastern Victoria on Sunday,” James explains. “This will happen as the high pressure system moves off the coast and into the Tasman Sea, drawing the very warm plume of air down towards Victoria. 

“Unfortunately, a cold front will bring cooler conditions to much of the south east by Monday afternoon. This change is expected to provide fresher westerly winds during Monday evening, with maximum temperatures forecast on Tuesday to be back down to 14°C.”