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Late winter rains set to hit NSW!

Late winter rains set to hit NSW!

Just as New South Welshmen were anticipating the milder temperatures of spring just around the corner, flash flooding and up to 60-­‐70 mm of rain is expected across Central Eastern NSW this Sunday and Monday, according to UBIMET, an internationally recognised leader in meteorology and severe weather  warnings. 

Melbourne, 20. August 2015: “Thunderstorms and flash flooding are predicted for Eastern NSW from Sunday, and the heavy rain is likely to continue through to the beginning of the week,” says James Wilby, UBIMET Senior Meteorologist

Around 30-­‐40mm of rain is forecast in Sydney on Sunday, which would make it the wettest August day since 2007 and potentially the wettest day since June this year. This rainfall amount is approximately half the average rainfall recorded for the whole month.  

“The wet weather is a result of a warm plume of moist north-­‐westerly winds ahead of a low pressure system which, combined with upper support in the atmosphere, will produce heavy, thundery rain across NSW,” James explains. 

The NSW Central Tablelands, including Bathurst will bear the brunt of the thunderstorms, which are forecast to develop on Saturday and continue through to Sunday across central NSW, before spreading eastwards through the day and becoming heavier into Monday. Severe thunderstorms are possible in places on Monday, particularly central eastern NSW (and ranges). 

UBIMET expects to issue an orange to red level warning to their customers of thundery rain across NSW. As the low pressure drifts eastwards, rain will become confined to the south-­‐east of NSW and is forecast to hit Gippsland, Victoria on Tuesday and Wednesday, with the potential for some high rainfall in this region. UBIMET says red level warnings may be required. As the low continues to drift eastwards, severe weather potential will diminish for eastern NSW.