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Snow chance for Hobart?

Snow chance for Hobart?

Snow chance for Hobart? First time in almost 30 years 

30 July 2015

Hobartians could be in for a dusting of snow later in the weekend, according to UBIMET, an internationally recognised leader in meteorology and severe weather warnings. And it will be the first time in almost 30 years that snow will reach such low levels.

“A series of cold fronts are expected to sweep across Tasmania over the coming days, bringing the potential for low level snowfall down to 150m overnight on Sunday and early on Monday,” says Felim Hanniffy, UBIMET Chief Meteorologist.

“Though the city's more elevated western suburbs have tendency to experience some light dustings during the winter months, it’s certainly unusual for snow to reach the lower levels. The last time a situation like this occurred was in July 1986, when even the CBD glistened beneath a blanket of white.”

Up to 35cm of snow is expected for Tasmania’s exposed peaks, with a lighter dusting expected down towards the 150m level overnight on Sunday and early Monday morning.

“Weather systems sweeping up from polar regions will bring a bitterly cold airstream across the region over the weekend with the coldest conditions expected later Sunday and early on Monday,” Felim adds. “We are likely to issue orange and red warnings to our customers – two of our highest warnings – and Hobartians should wrap up warm, as the wintry weather is expected to persist into the early days of next week.”