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accurate and reliable weather forecasts are crucial to aviation businesses

UBIMET understands that accurate and reliable weather forecasts are crucial to aviation businesses. Products are tailored to specific weather requirements, incorporating UBIMET’s world leading technology to ensure efficiency and safety for your aviation business. 

UBIMET supplies data for critical elements to aviation including:

  • Wind speed, direction and temperature at all elevations
  • Precipitation risk/rate
  • Severe weather potential:
    - lightning risk
    - thunderstorm activity and path

UBIMET’s services are delivered via a site-specific online portal that is tailored to your location and specific requirements.

  • Long-range forecasts (up to nine days prior)
  • Long-term outlooks for planning and risk mitigation

UBIMET is the official weather services partner of the Red Bull Air Race

UBIMET works with airlines, airports, professional aviation athletes and aviation events.  



Accurate weather data and climate reports to guide flight planning.


Optimise flight operations through real-time and accurate weather forecasting:

  • Receive critical data the day prior to flight
  • Phone support from a meteorologist 24/7
  • Issue precise and proactive messages to your customers
  • Reduce delays and downtime
  • Protect assets and equipment 


UBIMET has a range of reports available that may assist with refining procedures for future flights including an analysis of weather-related events including incident reports.