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Advanced Weather Warnings for Golf Clubs

It makes sense for golfers and club grounds people to check the weather before they head out.

The golfing green is often designed to stretch as far as the eye can see, with undulating topography and non-uniform boundary lines, which can also make it difficult to see when the weather is turning and, importantly, when to head back to the club house.

Electrical storms can pose a huge risk for grounds staff and golfers, especially when the distance back to the clubhouse may be kilometres away and there’s no golf cart available. UBIMET, an internationally recognised leader in meteorology and severe weather warnings, has developed two solutions designed to benefit the golfing sector: an advanced Lightning Detection System (LDS), which has the capacity to detect lightning within a 150m accuracy; and the ‘Weather Cockpit.’

Using expert data from UBIMET’s meteorologists, the LDS distributes text messages and emails to ground staff in the eventuality of a lightning event, which minimises risk to staff and, in turn, reassures patrons.

For day to day, UBIMET provides golf courses with the Weather Cockpit, which allows clubs to access site specific weather information unique to the topography of their course. Timely alerts and warnings are also distributed direct to grounds staff through text messages and emails, which helps ensure contingencies are activated in the event of adverse weather conditions. Additionally, the Weather Cockpit helps grounds staff to manage their day more effectively – e.g. having confidence the weather won’t disrupt essential lawn care maintenance. 



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