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accurate forecasts for efficient planning

Safety and efficiency for transport and logistics

Snowfall, storms and flooding can lead to delays or closures of whole roads and rail networks. Precise weather forecasts can prevent that. UBIMET offers a high-resolution weather model, which was developed in-house especially for companies working in transport and logistics.

Using reliably and highly accurate weather forecasts and severe weather warnings can make route planning more efficient. This means that both money and time are saved. UBIMET combines accurate road and rail data with a high-resolution weather model that we developed specifically for the purpose. In addition to route forecasts, UBIMET offers precise location-specific forecasts for mountain passes and critical sections of roads.The weather forecasts are integrated into a separate internet portal, tailor-made for each customer, or into the customer’s intranet.

For those working in logistics, UBIMET provides a weather portal and professional weather charts where critical weather locations for the following hours and days can be seen. This enables routes to be altered at short notice where necessary.

UBIMET offers:

  • High-resolution weather models.
  • Forecasts for routes and location-specific forecasts for critical sections of road.
  • Planning and purchase of monitoring stations.
  • Professional weather charts.
  • Decision Support Systems & event documentation

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