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UBIMET supplies reliable and highly accurate weather forecasts and severe weather warnings in real time using its own algorithms and models, as well as very high-quality data. Weather data provides the basis for UBIMET’s models and for each forecast. UBIMET currently has access to data from over 28,000 weather stations worldwide that comply with WMO standards. We combine this data with data from lightning detectors, satellites, radars, weather buoys and radiosondes.

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UBIMET has developed the high-resolution numerical forecast model RACE in order to be able to supply accurate forecasts for regions with complex topography in real time. With a modelling resolution of 100m, forecasts that are accurate in terms of both location and time are possible.

Research and Development

At UBIMET, we invest more than 25% of our annual turnover in research and development. Partnerships with international research institutions, renowned universities and industry ensure we remain a leader in innovation and help us to continue to build on this. 

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Lightning Detection System

The basis of a highly precise weather forecast is data. Lightning data is one important input for precisely forecasting thunderstorms. With nowcast lightning data, UBIMET is able to evaluate storm cells more accurately and issue more detailed severe weather warnings, very precise in time and space.