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Reliably accurate weather forecasts

Highly accurate forecasts and severe weather warnings delivered in real time

Observational data coupled with satellite and radar images arrive in real-time, 24 hours a day from around the world. Utilising proprietary algorithms, in-house modelling and the expertise of our meteorological team, these are further enhanced to provide clear forecasts via the UBIMET data processing centre.

Customers are consistently supplied with the highest quality weather forecasts and personalised solutions available. 

A variety of weather data, accurate models (global and regional) and sophisticated technical infrastructure for electronic data processing are required to create accurate weather forecasts, together with expert knowledge.

Precipitation forecast
Precipitation forecast

Temperature forecast
Temperature forecast

more than 28.000 Weather stations

UBIMET accesses data from more than 28,000 weather stations around the world and is continuing to extend its own meteorological monitoring network. Data from radiosondes, weather satellites, radar devices and weather buoys are utilized providing UBIMET with one of the largest weather databases in the world.

Deterministic methods such as ‘nowcasting’ are also used. ‘Nowcasting’ means integrating the most up-to-date information from weather stations, radars and satellites into a short-range, region-specific model. Statistical methods are also used to correct typical model singularities. This means that local phenomena such as mountain and valley wind systems can be mapped.

In addition to global, regional and local weather models, UBIMET has also developed its own high-resolution variational model, which modifies every query with the best current data and therefore produces the award-winning accuracy and reliability our forecasts. 

UBIMET offers:

  • Highly accurate, geo-referenced forecasts.
  • Extremely high temporal resolution and the integration of local weather data.
  • Global, regional and local models.
  • The creation of customer-oriented weather portals.
  • Cutting-edge technologies.
  • A competent and experienced team of meteorologists that put together and analyse reliably and highly accurate forecasts and severe weather warnings, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. 
  • Reliable forecasts for weekend weather