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Formula 1 – where every second matters, especially weather matters

For the first time UBIMET attended the Formula 1 extravaganza around the world. Delivering actual and proper weather forecasts to each team via the web-portal “onTrack” was the duty of the specially trained meteorologists and technicians throughout the season. The exact weather information is an important aspect in several decision-making processes for the teams.

From Australia to Malaysia via Canada and back to Austria… UBIMET Meteorologist and Project Coordinator for Formula 1 Steffen Dietz was on the route for nearly eight months with his team to ensure the delivery of high quality weather forecasts on site and in real time.

Exact forecasts on the spotSupported remotely by several meteorologists located at UBIMETs headquarters in Vienna, who are analysing radar images, probability maps of forecasted rain thresholds and other data, the Team of UBIMET is aware of every change in weather conditions. “The high precision level of information, the forecasts and the observations made on-site, are available for every racing team at the same time”, explains Steffen Dietz. 

Proper forecasts for controlling a chaotic process

Weather is chaotic and can change as rapidly as a Formula 1 car is driving: “It’s important for us as drivers, as well as for the whole racing team, to know how the weather conditions will change,” says Daniel Ricciardo, driver for Infiniti Red Bull Racing: ”it influences our race preparation, from driver kit we may use, to car set-up and race strategy. The weather is always important at all races, whether it’s from very hot races, like Malaysia, to dry races, like Abu Dhabi  - to those that are more unpredictable.”Information about track temperature, rain probability, humidity and much more are essential to answer questions regarding the equipment of the driver, the possible extent of overheating of the motor or the right tire choice.While all the racing teams hope on the perfect weather conditions, which would be dry, partly cloudy and as calm as possible, UBIMET delivers the most detailed forecasts: “Based on our knowledge and exact data of weather stations located worldwide we inform each team, in detail and on time, about eventual weather changes”, says Steffen Dietz.