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Hyper-local and reliable forecasts for event planning

Make decisions for your next event with confidence

In the organisation of any outdoor event - big or small - there is always a concern about the influence of weather on operations, attendance and how the event will unfold.

The challenge for event organisers is to decipher the often vague and broad forecasts issued via publicly available sources.

UBIMET has developed a number of products and services utilising our world-leading forecast technology to assist organisers with making crucial event decisions. 

UBIMET offers hyper-local, accurate weather forecasts and severe weather warnings.

We work with our clients to forecast the weather for:

  • planning 
  • set-up 
  • marketing communications (to encourage attendance)
  • weather forensic services (insurance) 

We also have meteorologists available for on-site weather monitoring and consultation.

The services provided by UBIMET are tailor-made to each event and phases of the event. 

We work with events including:  

  • Australian MotoGP 
  • Formula One Championship Circuit (Global Partnership)
  • So Frenchy, So Chic (Cartell Music) 
  • Sussan Womens Classic  
  • Australian Football League (AFL) 
  • Challenge Melbourne 
  • Assorted Red Bull events and launches
  • Assorted events for The Melbourne Venue Company 

Our services are available to:

  • Professional event organisers 
  • Conference organisers 
  • Wedding coordinators 
  • General public

UBIMET offers:

  • Personal consultation and individual support from meteorologists (including on-site).
  • Precise and highly accurate weather forecasts for your event venue, tailor-made for the different event phases.
  • Severe weather warnings via text message, App, email and fax.
  • Mobile weather stations and on-site consultation for sports events.
  • An online weather service for your visitors.