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Happy tourists will come back

A good weather forecast leads to happy holiday planning!

You can't change the weather but you can make the most of it if you have accurate weather information and the confidence to plan.

UBIMET offers reliable and timely weather forecasts that enable you to adapt your business activities to the weather conditions and offer appropriate alternatives to customers.  

UBIMET prepares weather and climate information for use on websites together with location-specific forecasts for tourism businesses.

Forecasts contain an overview of the weather for the coming hours and days providing guests with the tools to plan leisure activities. 

UBIMET offers tourism bodies the option of setting up their own weather station in the region.

These are fitted with a live weather camera. Weather stations represent a unique advantage as they provide accurate, location-specific forecasts based on the weather data collected. 

UBIMET offers:

  • Online weather design.
  • Detailed weather information for mountains, lakes and daytrip locations as well as for the gastronomy sector.
  • Weather forecasts for companies providing accommodation (posters and printouts to put on breakfast tables).
  • Integrated event tips and news.
  • Weather stations in tourist regions with a live weather camera.