Australian Sailing Team

Australian Sailing Team wins gold three times thanks to the weather information provided by UBIMET

The active everyday activities of outdoor-sports like sailing is always dependent upon the weather. For precise preparation of their races and the calculation of an appropriate tactic at the Olympic Games 2012 in London, the Australian Sailing Team focused on the weather models by UBIMET. This was amongst other mechanisms contributing to the success of the team.

Bruce Buckley

The weather models by UBIMET were essential for the selection of the ideal sails and had a great bearing on the strategy of the athletes for the competitions. Because of the small scale turbulences, the Olympic sailing area Weymouth is a very hard place for wind forecasts. The precise prognosis of the weather phenomena by UBIMET was the best and most authentic of all available sources.” says Bruce Buckley, meteorologist of the Australian Olympic Sailing Team.


  • Weather models for wind systems on a small scale 
  • Authentic weather information provision
  • Support and mentoring by meteorologists on location
  • Athletic and strategic pros as a result of the precise real time weather informations

UBIMET Solutions

At elite level international sailing events such as the 2012 Olympic Games, extreme wind, fierce competition, the performance of the team members, the materials and tactics along with fast and accurate wind forecasts all contribute significantly to success.   Strong winds challenge the team and boat materials alike and have to be included in tactical considerations.

As such, the Australian Sailing-Team (AST) relied upon the weather models by UBIMET at the Olympic Games 2012 in London.

The superiority of the regional wind forecasts had already been demonstrated at the first regattas. The wind models were tested in close collaboration between the AST and UBIMET during the competitions as well as during the trainings and were continuously optimised and perfected by meteorologists from Austria.

work contributed to AST winning three gold medals and one silver medal, as well as leading the medal count between all countries.