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UNIQA cautions with UBIMET against storms

Since 2004 UNIQA – the largest insurer in Austria – has been able to offer private clients exact severe weather forecasts provided by UBIMET through SMS and E-MAIL. The knowledge of past and future meteorological events is vital particularly in the insurance sector. After all, rarely does a year pass by without storms, floods, hail and snow caused damages. Through the real-time reliable warning of affected people, safety measures could be upgraded thus significantly reducing potential damage to belongings. The insurer increases positive consumer contact and customer service.

Eleven years later (in 2015) every second user of UNIQA and UBIMET Severe Weather Warnings shares them with family and friends. Read more: http://bit.ly/1D2zl6R 

(German Press Release UNIQA)

ROBERT WASNER, Member of the Board, Uniqa Austria

Our internal costumer survey has shown, that 99% of the surveyed persons are satisfied with the service of UBIMET, 88% are feeling save and 40% already could prohibit damages. The weather warnings by UBIMET represent a big gain for both, our costumers and for us. Whereas the safety for our costumers and their belongings is augmented, we have significantly less and fewer cases of damage than before. The result is – satisfied costumers and a satisfied insurance”, Robert Wasner, management board member of UNIQA, annotates the collaboration with UBIMET

UBIMET Services

  • zip code related warnings directly by meteorologists 
  • loss-prevention and loss-reduction
  • costumer retention by special Services – reduction of the cancellation quote 
  • increase of customer contact

UBIMET Solutions

The knowledge of past and future meteorological events is extremely important. Rarely does a year pass without storms, floods, hail and/or snow causing damage.  

As the largest insurer in Austria, UNIQA has offered weather warnings by UBIMET through SMS and E-Mail  to private customers  since October 2004.   Already this year 100,000 Austrians have received postcode-specific alerts warning of storms. Through the real- time reliable warning system, safety is improved as well as reduction in potential damage to their belongings. Additionally, the customers rank this service highly.  

The service provided by UBIMET rates highly among the customers of UNIQA. Because of the great success in Austria, UNIQA also offers weather warnings in other countries. Meanwhile UBIMET also services UNIQA customers in Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia with postcode and other related weather warnings .