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Reliably accurate weather information

UBIMET supplies reliable and highly accurate weather forecasts and severe weather warnings in real-time using proprietary algorithms, superior data and in-house models.

Global, regional and local models enable the meteorological team at UBIMET to deliver accurate weather information. They have access to one of the largest weather databases in the world with over 28,000 stations globally, extensive lightning data for the accurate location of active areas within a thunderstorm and radar and satellite data for the issuance of highly accurate forecasts in real-time.

UBIMET offers highly accurate data delivery worldwide, as well as a lightning, storm and precipitation portal (CIS).

UBIMET offers:

  • Precise lightning location and storm information
  • General weather information regarding past weather events
  • Hail analysis based on radar technology
  • Risk reports
  • Highly accurate data delivery
  • CIS (Claims Information System)