Precise severe weather alerts and historic weather data: UBIMET offers solutions for insurers to lower the costs of weather-related damage claims while at the same time increasing customer service and customer loyalty.

Increase your efficiency and strengthen customer loyalty with UBIMET

The weather has a large impact on insurance providers. The UBIMET-developed professional weather applications for insurance providers accelerate the efficient processing of claims, prevent or reduce damages, and increase both customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Insurance Premiums considering risk profiles

In times of “good” weather, insurance providers are often faced with the task of analyzing existing weather events in order to better determine future risks. Even when checking already established products and their returns, it is important to conduct a risk analysis with regard to weather trends in regions and countries relating to special risk groups. The damage record of a customer in a region at risk of severe weather will likely be higher than in a region with stable and quiet weather conditions. With our reanalysis service, UBIMET offers specific and professional analyses that can be integrated into the internal risk analysis processes.

Severe weather alerts – Increasing customer loyalty as a goal of the CRM strategy

Insurance companies often face the challenge of finding appropriate topics for customer communication. These topics are meant to further the insurance company’s positive image, while at the same time enabling an approach for up-selling. UBIMET’s severe weather alerts meet these requirements and also contribute to a decrease in the claims ratio. This service proves very popular among the insurance customers, increasing customer loyalty. Customer surveys show that many of the customers implement actions for damage reduction following a severe weather alert. An additional positive effect: The insurance company receives current mobile phone numbers and email addresses from its customers, which enables further digital services.

Severe Weather Impact Manager – Operational readiness through availability and efficiency during and after severe weather events

Immediately following current severe weather situations, the insurance companies’ call centers experience an enormous increase in call volume. In these situations, ready availability and event-related processing of inquiries can have a very positive effect on the company’s perception by customers, the press and the public. With the Severe Weather Impact Manager (SWIM), UBIMET offers insurance companies an opportunity to better plan and prepare for these situations. The insurance company receives tailor-made information about regions where an increased customer frequency can be expected. In addition, this information can also be used to predict the expected damage occurrence following a severe weather event and to support proactive communication with the affected customers by means of e-mail or SMS and to position claim inquiries.

Efficient claims management

If a customer ultimately files a damage claim, this should be processed in an efficient manner. Damage verification plays an important role in this regard. With UBIMET’s Claims Information System (CIS), which provides location-specific weather data in an online portal or via an interface (API), insurance companies are able to accelerate claim processing, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. In addition, this leads to cost savings in the form of time savings for the claims processors, obviation of expert reports, and the prevention of unjustified claims payments. At the same time, the drastic reduction of the processing time is a highly efficient tool for increasing customer satisfaction.

Four CIS modules for historic, pinpoint weather data:


  • Lightning

    • Details of lightning strikes, close-proximity lightning, and lightning strength
    • Information on power surges, distance, and storm activity
    • Details of the first and last lightning strikes
    • Overview of all lightning activity in table form
  • Heavy Rain

    • Details of precipitation amounts
    • Information on storm activity
    • Amounts of rain in the surrounding area
    • Clear summary of results
  • Gales

    • Details of wind speeds
    • Table of recorded values by weather stations according to WMO standards
    • Further relevant information, such as lightning activity and distance
    • Wind speeds for a wider area
  • Hail

    • Information on hail and hailstone size
    • Hail areas indicated in different colors, depending on hailstone size
    • Information on hail events in the surrounding area
    • Clear summary