Media Meteorology

Television, radio, Internet or printed media: Every day, millions of people in Austria, Germany and Switzerland receive weather data from UBIMET.

UBIMET offers the right solution for every communication channel and every target group, and relevant weather information is presented in a target-oriented fashion.

Weather data for editorial offices

For daily and weekly newspapers, the desired information is prepared in UBIMET’s own weather editing system. The data is presented in a graphically attractive way and can be designed individually. The integration of weather widgets on your website offers an additional opportunity to provide online readers with current and location-specific information about weather events.

Weather forecasts on the radio and television

Radio stations benefit from our in-house weather studio that enables reliable, professional production of weather reports. Television studios rely on the high-quality, expert preparation of weather clips. In addition to the production of videos, the weather studio offers professional presenters as well as voice-over artists.

Current information and individuality with UBIMET

Data preparation can be designed individually. The latest technology supports editorial offices in the fast and easy integration of content. Our team of experts are available to you 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Your advantages:

  • Our own weather editing system
  • Reliable forecast data
  • Attractive & individualized graphics
  • Technical advice around the clock
  • Complete solutions