Cricket Australia uses weather information from UBIMET

As an outdoor sport, cricket significantly depends on the weather. As of now, Cricket Australia (CA), as the national governing body of the sport in Australia, enhances its weather risk management at all their major cricket games with the support of UBIMET’s “Weather Cockpit”. The online platform of the private weather service based in Melbourne provides high-precision meteorological information that helps CA ensure player and spectator safety as well as operational planning and scheduling of tournaments and maintenance work. Annually over 1.2 million Australians participated in cricket during 2014/15.

UBIMET’s Weather Cockpit is an easy to use online portal that provides comprehensive weather data, forecasts and accurate severe weather warnings. Locations, weather parameters and alerts are highly customized to the requirements of CA. Data from weather stations around the world, global satellite and radar data as well as a proprietary lightning detection system provide the basis for high-precision meteorological forecasts.

The lightning detection system enables detection of strikes to within 100m and below and assists in preventing lightning-related accidents.