E-Mobile Power Austria 2.

April 1st 2011 to March 31st 2014

Executive summary

The EmporA2 project extends the existing activities of the e-Mobile Power Austria (emporA) project. The main focus was to develop a complete system for electric mobility, such as improving the charging infrastructure. In this way, electric mobility could improve consumer acceptance on the market.

With EmporA2, the project was expanded to include additional dimensions such as range extension, and integration with public transport. At the same time, significant development steps in the existing dimensions such as grid integration, and charging infrastructure were achieved.

The focus lies in the user approach: usage barriers for the widespread adoption of electric mobility could be identified. By increasing the efficiency of vehicle and infrastructure technology, the anxiety of users to break down with an e-car could be reduced. UBIMET’s role in this project was the implementation of high-resolution weather forecasts in order to adjust route guidance according to the weather situation. The goal is to forecast the predictable range of each vehicle even more precisely.

Project partners

  • Verbund AG
  • Siemens AG Austria
  • A1 Telekom Austria AG
  • Wien Energie Gmbh
  • AIT Mobility Department
  • Raiffeisen Leasing GmH
  • Salzburg AG
  • The Mobility House GmbH
  • Wiener Linien GmbH & Co KG
  • BEKO Engineering & Informatik AG
  • EVN AG
  • Fluidtime Data Services GmbH
  • ITS Vienna Region

Project funding

The EmporA2 project is funded by The Climate and Energy Fund, Austria.