Precise weather data for increased sales and storage efficiency

Weather plays an influential role in the retail sector, directly influencing consumption for a variety of products. On rainy days umbrellas can be found in shop fronts. Gloves, hats and candles sell well when it’s cold outside and soft drinks, ice cream and fans when it’s hot.

UBIMET Weather Cockpit: Increasing sales, reducing waste

UBIMET helps retail companies to predict weather-dependent sales trends and to increase revenue. This is achieved not only though optimising storage requirements, ensuring that high-demand products are in stock at the right time, but also by optimising promotions, so that they really work for you. Weather data is generally not taken into account or not weighted enough in sales forecasts. Reacting quickly to weather forecasts in the retail sector is not yet commonplace, if it were it could help prevent businesses from discarding goods. Our Retail Weather Cockpit clearly shows the connections between weather and the buying behaviour of consumers, assisting businesses to plan their commercial activities better.

The use of weather forecasts in the retail sector can provide exceptional support in the following areas:

  • Sales forecasts
  • Planning sales campaigns
  • Warehousing
  • Goods management
  • Organising weather-related deals at the point-of-sale
  • Scheduling services

By using UBIMET’s tailored weather data, retailers can sell more, throw less away, and at the same time improve customer service and customer satisfaction.

The UBIMET Retail Weather Cockpit for:

  • Precise weather forecasts for optimal sales planning, product scheduling and managing advertising campaigns
  • Contrast-rich and engaging weather maps
  • Inclusion of all weather-affected products