Severe weather warnings

As the number and severity of weather events increases the reliable and early detection of dangerous weather is crucial. UBIMET is recognized as a global leader in severe weather warnings with their Severe Weather Centre offering tailored forecasts and highly accurate warnings issued directly from meteorologists and data experts. An accurate picture of the weather and information on how to reduce its impact allows customers and businesses to minimise or prevent property damage and ensure the safety of family, friends and employees. 

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Weather Information

UBIMET supplies reliable and highly accurate weather forecasts and severe weather warnings in real-time, utilizing proprietary algorithms, superior quality data and in-house models.


Observational data together with satellite and radar images from around the world are processed by our high-performance computer systems. Utilising proprietary algorithms, in-house modelling and the expertise of our meteorological team, these are further developed into clear forecasts by the UBIMET data processing centre. Customers are supplied with up-to-date, high-quality weather forecasts and tailored solutions from UBIMET.

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Digital Solutions

UBIMET operates several consumer websites containing highly accurate forecasts, region specific weather information and severe weather warnings available to our millions of customers worldwide.