Products and services for when weather matters to your industry.


There is no industry more vulnerable to the erratic nature and increasing number of severe weather events than insurance. An insurer's ability to manage the risks associated with severe weather events has improved in recent years through the development of UBIMET's specifically designed systems and tools. 


Transport & Logistics

Over the years, extreme weather has disrupted transportation systems in every region of Australia. Storms, flooding and bushfires have all forced extended road closures and service disruptions. UBIMET offers high-resolution forecasting that was developed specifically for the transport and logistics sector allowing businesses to plan for and manage extreme weather events with confidence. 


The weather influences decisions in every facet of our daily lives. From what we will wear during the day to whether we will exercise outdoors and what mode of transport we will travel by. People seek weather information from a number of sources including television, print media, radio and every increasingly online. UBIMET supplies key media organisations with forecast feeds, special weather features and fully-trained media meteorologists.



At open-air events, highly accurate weather information and forecasts form part of the security measures for everyone involved. UBIMET offers reliably accurate weather forecasts and severe weather warnings, as well as on-site weather monitoring, on-site consultation and weather information to display on screens at the venue.

Energy Sector

The renewable energy sector is reliant on solar and wind energy. Reliably accurate forecasts from UBIMET regarding sunshine hours and wind speeds enable optimum planning of purchases and sales, as well as the optimisation of results. 



Wind, sun, humidity, the temperature and precipitation can make the difference between a good and a bad harvest. UBIMET provides forecasts and analyses that are tailored specifically for the agricultural sector. The geography of the agricultural land plays an important role in these forecasts.    


You cannot change the weather but you can make the most of it if you plan early enough. UBIMET offers reliable and timely weather forecasts that enable you to adapt leisure activities to the weather conditions and offer an appropriate programme. Reliability and service ensure the feel-good factor on holiday. 


Construction industry

Rain, storms, frost and snow have significant effects on the progress of construction work. Accurate forecasts from UBIMET enable you to ensure that resources and critical work stages can be planned in advance and rearranged.