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Forecasts for sun and wind power

Optimum load management with highly accurate forecasts and analyses

The renewable energy sector is reliant on solar and wind energy. Reliably accurate forecasts from UBIMET regarding sunshine hours and wind speeds enable optimum planning of purchases and sales, as well as the optimisation of results. 

Wind energy

Precise wind forecasts at rotor blade height are very important to wind farm operators. The wind model developed by UBIMET takes into account power curves, the area surrounding the wind farm, the positioning of the turbines and local weather characteristics. 

Wind Ensembles Sidney
Wind Ensembles Sidney

Solar power

UBIMET provides accurate forecasts of the expected global radiation for the relevant location. For this, UBIMET relies on the leading global weather models, which are refined with our own high-resolution regional and local weather models. 

For the energy forecast for solar power plants, factors such as the position of the sun, the temperature, the atmospheric turbidity and cloud cover at very different levels are taken into account.


UBIMET uses meteorological models to precisely forecast precipitation levels and timings. Alongside medium-range weather forecasts, UBIMET has made a name for itself above all in nowcasting products. Thanks to technology we have developed in-house, it is possible to forecast and record short-range precipitation levels extremely precisely. 


UBIMET offers:

  • Accurate wind forecasts for wind farm operators.
  • Accurate plans and analyses of global radiation for solar power systems.
  • Our own technology for forecasting precipitation levels and times.
  • Individual weather forecasts and information for grid operators.