Matrix for weather phenomena and health restrictions.

October 1, 2012, to June 30, 2014

Executive summary

The project focused on the development of a pollen forecast system – and so-called secondary weather effects. Based on the current pollen concentration in one place, forecasts for the distribu- tion of pollen over the days ahead were generated, taking predicted weather conditions into account. Based on current and historical pollen and weather observation data, the prepared models were then validated and further developed.
The aim of the research project was to inform people of weather developments in a timely manner, which enabled them to prevent weather-related health problems.

Together with physicians and palynologists of the University of Vienna, UBIMET examined the connections between weather phenomena and health problems.

Project partners

  • University of Vienna, Department of Biodiversity

Project funding

ZIT – Center for Innovation and Technology of the City of Vienna: From Science to Products, 2011, call

More information at: rnd@ubimet.com