Employees in the construction industry are exposed to high levels of risk to their health. Dangerous situations often arise due to unfavorable weather conditions such as rain, snowfall or storms. Site safety is one of the most important parameters for construction projects, alongside the timely and cost-efficient completion of the project. Accurate and reliable weather data for construction sites therefore play a pivotal role in increasing site safety and managing resources more efficiently.

Rail & Infrastructure

Snowfall, storms and rising water levels lead to snow drifts on tracks, blocked roads, flooding and brings traffic to a halt, increasing costs. With precise weather forecasts for the railroad and infrastructure sector planning and implementing short-term counter measures can be optimised.


Weather plays a vital role for renewable energy plant operators. Optimum energy production and stable grid management can be ensured thanks to UBIMET's high-precision weather forecasts.


For open-air events, location-specific weather information and forecasts are part of the safety measures for all participants. In addition to reliable and precise weather forecasts and severe weather alerts, UBIMET also provides mobile measurements, on-site consultation and measuring values for big screens at the event location.

Highway and Road maintenance

Weather is a key player in all forms of road transport, be it private, public or freight, safety and economic factors are directly affected by the weather. Highway maintenance providers and municipalities use weather data from UBIMET to plan their winter operations, to clear roads and to prevent accidents and traffic jams.

Aviation and Airports

Airport operators are very concerned about improving the quality and efficiency of their services. Weather plays an important role in this regard. Central challenges are the optimisation of capacities, deployment planning, the planning of winter services, prevention of severe weather-related accidents and minimisation of ground handling stops. Approaching thunderstorms for example, requires the closure of runways and certain activities such as refueling cannot be carried out during severe weather alerts.


Will there be a sudden snowstorm causing traffic chaos? Will there be a white Christmas? When can I expect beach temperatures? Daily newspapers and websites deal with such questions every single day, and UBIMET provides the answers!



The requirements by international sports associations and the provisions regarding safety and infrastructure for sporting events continue to increase and become stricter. In addition to organisational and economic challenges, the organisers of sporting events are forced to deal with legal claims both before and after the events. Since many sporting events are held outdoors, the weather plays a central role for the safety of athletes and spectators. Precise weather data are thus an important asset in the safety management for sporting events.

Retail Sector

Weather plays an influential role in the retail sector, directly influencing consumption for a variety of products. On rainy days umbrellas can be found in shop fronts. Gloves, hats and candles sell well when it’s cold outside and soft drinks, ice cream and fans when it’s hot.


The weather has a large impact on insurance providers. The UBIMET developed professional weather applications for insurance providers accelerates the efficient processing of claims, prevents or reduces damages and increase both customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.