• Keep Roads Open & Traffic Flowing During Strong Wind Events

  • Keep Roads Open & Traffic Flowing During Sandstorms

  • Keep Roads Open & Traffic Flowing During Winter Conditions


Keeping traffic moving in all weather conditions

Weather is a key player in all forms of road transport, be it private, public or freight, safety and economic factors are directly affected by the weather. Highway Maintenance Providers, Local Government Areas (LGAs), Autonomous Car Producers and Logistics Companies use weather data from UBIMET to plan their operations, to clear roads and prevent accidents.


Severe weather impacts even the most experienced drivers.


of vehicle crashes are weather related


of crash injuries are weather related


of crash fatalities are weather related

Road Transport & Maintenance Weather Challenges:

Air temperature and humidity

Impacts: road treatment and construction/maintenance planning.

Wind speed

Impacts: driver visibility, vehicle stability, reduces traffic speed and increases the risk of highway obstructions and reducing highway capacity.


Impacts: driver visibility, vehicle traction, reduces traffic speed, increases stopping distances and impacts maintenance/construction planning.


Impacts: driver visibility and reduces traffic speed.

Water level

Impacts: Traffic speed, stopping distance, reduction in road capacity, impacts maintenance/construction planning.

Road Condition + temperature

Impacts: Road friction, vehicle performance, route choices, stopping distances, reduces traffic speed and impacts maintenance/construction planning.

Reoccuring weather questions:

  • Will extreme weather impact traffic?
  • Do we need to stop maintenance because of the weather?
  • Will critical roads be flooded?
  • Whether and when seasonal services will be required
  • Will ice cause disruptions?

Weather information is vital

Real-time, pinpoint-specific and for every operational area, including individually adjustable thresholds and professional support from the UBIMET experts – that’s what UBIMET can offer!

By choosing UBIMET as meteorological service providers highway authorities and Local Government Areas (LGAs) are choosing quality and reliability. UBIMET’s many years of experience regarding seasonal service support allows for better dialogue, increased understanding and tailor-made products.

With the Weather Cockpit highway authorities and LGAs receive information on current and future weather events, and can take early action by planning staff and seasonal maintenance equipment.

Warning thresholds, weather parameters, areas of application as who should receive which warning can be defined individually, via e-mail or SMS to cover those in the field. UBIMET keeps everyone informed in all situations via all communication channels, so that all roads remain clear.

UBIMET Solutions:



    • Real-time overview of current weather situation on all highways with route based forecasting
    • Instantaneous weather information on local phenomena and dangers
    • Ability to precisely identify every weather situation
    • Reliable decision support system with weather stations worldwide

    • Optimised planning of seasonal services for all highways
    • Automatic alignment with meteorological forecasts
    • Displayed as green / yellow / red days in Weather Cockpit
    • Decision Support System for optimal seasonal operations planning

    • Weather-related warnings when parameter thresholds are exceeded (e.g. wind, temperature, precipitation, snow)
    • One consistent warning and alert system for the entire network
    • Severe weather warnings provided by experienced meteorologists
    • Ability to precisely define user groups and contractors receiving alerts
    • Distributing warnings via e-mail and text message

    • 3-D Weather Model
    • Weather forecasting for all highways
    • Manage a large number of employees
    • Provide special forecasts for critical route sections
    • Decision support for resource planning

UBIMET Solutions for Road Transport & Infrastructure

UBIMET Logistics & Courier Weather Solutions

Weather Smart Fleet Route Planning

Integrating the UBIMET API UBI:Connect into your fleet management and dispatch system you can select the safest route, avoiding weather and traffic risks and hazards.

  • ETA estimation & alternative route options
  • Maximise efficiency by avoiding costly accidents and delays
  • Keep all stakeholders informed

Post-event Weather Accident Report & Accident Modeling

Accidents happen. With the tried and tested UBIMET Claims Information System, you can optimize your claims and driver training processes by reviewing road and weather conditions before and during the time of an accident. The PDF download of incident weather data for weather conditions can be quickly sent to your insurance provider, quickening the claims process. The incident weather report can be analysed by your driver and operations management teams to improve awareness and driver safety.

  • Avoiding costly accidents and delays by driver coaching & training.
  • Minimize liability by sharing all weather details for claims handling
  • Expedite the claims process

UBIMET Weather Telematics

Mobile In-Vehicle Severe Weather Warnings

Even with advanced weather planning, severe weather can always develop at short notice. Adaptive Severe weather alerts and route updates proactively reduce the impact of these events. Whether it is rain, heavy winds, icy roads or reduced visibility, being ill-prepared for such events can lead to accidents. With UBIMET In-Vehicle Severe Weather Warnings your customers will be able to make informed decisions when faced with changeable road conditions and mitigate the impact of severe weather.

  • Real-time, vehicle-based severe weather warnings for current road conditions
  • Increase safety and enhance the driving experience
  • Increase customer loyalty

Weather Integrated Telematics Systems

The UBI:Connect API makes integrating road weather data into your existing systems a breeze. With dedicated specialists and highly-accurate weather data, you can enhance the driving experience with route weather information.

The UBIMET Highways Weather Cockpit®

Road Weather Conditions

The UBIMET Highways Weather Cockpit® visualises the current condition of each road segment with colour-coded warnings for conditions such as:  dry, wet, snow, and ice. The thresholds and parameters can be individually tailored to meet your exact operational requirements.

  • The latest forecasting technologies and location-specific, route based, tailored forecasts for highways.
  • Postal code-specific or geo-referenced severe weather alerts via SMS, app, e-mail and fax.
  • Alerts regarding severe thunderstorms, high wind gusts, heavy rain, heavy snowfall or freezing rain.

Want to integrate hyperlocal weather insights into your own systems?

With the UBIMET API “UBI:Connect” it’s easy to create a connection between your systems and UBIMET’s high-quality hyper-local weather database. Find out more on our dedicated weather API page or ask for more information below.

UBIMET Connect Weather Data API

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