Hyperlocal Weather API for your Business

UBIMET’s trusted hyperlocal enterprise-ready weather API is ready to be integrated into your systems today!

Weather APIs are Application Programming Interfaces that connect you and your business to a comprehensive database of weather forecast and historical weather information. UBIMET’s hyper-local weather API is designed to transform our vast weather database into actionable and tailored insights for every business in every industry. The UBI:Connect API is reliable, flexible and scalable making it the perfect weather API to meet the unique requirements of your business.

Why the UBIMET weather API is the right choice for you.

We work with you to deliver you the best weather API for your business. We combine Machine Learning with our own global lightning detection system, worldwide weather stations, radar networks and satellites to give you access to a unique wealth of meteorological data at your fingertips. As much, and as precise, weather data as possible form the basis of our weather models and weather forecasts.

Global coverage

A wealth of meteorological data at your fingertips

Historical Weather Data

Hyperlocal historical weather data with a resolution of 100 x 100m. Receive the exact weather condition at near building specific level. This API is often used by insurance companies and building contractors.


Real-Time Weather Data

Receive live local weather data in real time. Use our unique wealth of knowledge to know the exact weather condition at any given point. This API is often used in systems in Aviation, Events, Sports and Advertising.

Hyperlocal Weather Forecasts

The unique hyperlocal RACE weather model provides weather forecasts with a resolution of 100 x 100m. See exactly what the weather is going to be and when severe weather will arrive. This API is often used by weather critical industries such as aviation, infrastructure (rail & roads) and the energy sector.

Examples of available weather API parameters:

  • Temperature

  • Atmospheric Pressure

  • Humidity

  • Cloud Cover

  • Wind Speed

  • Wind Direction

  • Gusts

  • Visibility

  • Hours Of Sunshine

  • UV Index

  • Precipitation

  • Probability Of Precipitation

  • Thunderstorm Probability

  • And Many More...

Why choose the UBIMET API?

Easy To Use

  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Clear cost structure
  • Code examples in many programming languages

Weather Parameters

  • Historical, actual and forecasted weather conditions
  • 100 x 100-meter resolution
  • Continuously updated

Unique Data

Secure Data

  • Secure data connection
  • High company priority
  • Trusted data source

Scalable API

  • Increase parameters & queries
  • Clear cost structure
  • Adapt to your success


Top-of-the-range technological infrastructure

UBIMET has three global data centres, operating 24/7 in a failover system. Cutting-edge technology is integrated into all UBIMET solutions, ensuring that global weather data is available for all applications.

90,3 TB

Is the daily data volume processed at UBIMET’s three global data centers. This corresponds to approximately 20,000 DVDs worth of data.

UBIMET relies on a modern approach to IT, driven by the company’s core processes. The highest emphasis is placed on ensuring that IT meets the needs and requirements of internal partners and external customers, whilst contributing to the optimal functioning of company processes.

A dynamic team of experts from areas such as IT infrastructure, API & Services, and Web Development supports the company’s cutting-edge IT systems. UBIMET stands for excellent operative services, efficiency and professionalism and always strives to achieve a modern and stable IT infrastructure and high-quality service for the entire UBIMET Group.


UBIMET’s IT involves active process management that contributes to the continuous improvement of services and performance.

Every 10 minutes UBIMET:

  • replies to 50,000 data queries
  • receives, processes and improves 300 radar observation files
  • receives and stores 58,000 measurements from weather stations
  • reads and writes 500 GB of data (on average)

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Did you know?

With its own global lightning detection system, worldwide weather stations, radar networks and satellites, UBIMET has a unique wealth of meteorological data at its fingertips!