Weather data and forecasts for the energy sector

Increasing efficiencyminimising risks and saving costs – these goals for the energy market can be achieved with highly precise weather data and forecasts.

High-quality weather data and forecasts, production forecasts for renewable energy systems and specially tailored solutions for energy industry customers are part of the UBIMET family service portfolio. So-called “meta-forecasts” are used for the optimisation of production forecasts, whereby the strengths and weaknesses of various types of real-data models are continuously analysed and combined.

The main customers of UBIMET energy services include energy traders, direct marketers and network operators, but also energy providers (utilities), which require point and grid-related forecasts to determine the needs of gas and electricity. Special and individual sector solutions, such as historical meteorological-energy time series for planning and evaluation purposes, round off the UBIMET energy meteorology product portfolio.

A challenge for renewable energies is to apply historical production data to today’s development. With the long-term renewable energy index, UBIMET calculates the monthly yield/production from solar and wind energy plants for the past 30 years. This also works in the other direction, modelling realistic future scenarios.

Energy forecasts for renewable energies

Renewable energy forecasts include forecasts for wind and solar power feed-in to individual sites and network, running water forecasts, high-accuracy temperature forecasts for (gas) allocations, and reliable wind data for your project and operational analyses.

Your advantages provided by energy forecasts for renewable energy:

  • Necessary tool for successful energy trading
  • Highly precise weather data and forecasts for more accurate calculations
  • Effective deployment and resource planning
  • Timely detection of excess energy in the grid and increased planning safety

Feed-in Management with EinsMan

Feed-in management measures reduce the feed of renewable energy in the event of imminent grid instability. This “regulated” amount of energy is unpredictably absent in the energy market and therefore leads to losses for energy traders. With the EinsMan forecast, UBIMET provides a forecast for the amount of energy expected to be missing due to feed-in management measures and therefore helps to correct generation forecasts accordingly and thus to reduce losses.

Your EinsMan advantages:

  • Competitive advantage due to the consideration of missing energy
  • Enhanced trading strategy
  • Reduction in losses

Want to integrate hyperlocal weather insights into your own systems?

With the UBIMET API “UBI:Connect” it’s easy to create a connection between your systems and UBIMET’s high-quality hyper-local weather database. Find out more on our dedicated weather API page or ask for more information below.

UBIMET Connect Weather Data API

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