Sustainability at UBIMET

Ecological operational management is a high priority at UBIMET as an international meteorological service. In order to enable employees to work in a consciously sustainable manner, the necessary framework conditions are created in the company, which are regularly evaluated and continuously optimized.

  • UBIMET’s headquarters in Vienna offers employees and guests the opportunity to reach it by public transport or by bicycle due to its location and connections.
  • Employees with company cars are offered incentives to increasingly switch to public transport.
  • Wherever possible, business trips are organized using public transport and optimal route planning in order to consciously keep CO2 emissions low.
  • A structured ordering system reduces travel distances, and attention is paid to regionality in the selection of products used.
  • The data centers obtain electricity from 100% renewable energy sources.
  • Employees make conscious use of resources and keep energy consumption low by switching off technical equipment and lights that are not in use.
  • An energy-efficient and automated heating and cooling system switches to night mode in the evening to save energy.
  • Digital communication minimizes the consumption of paper and printer cartridges. Only recycled paper is used at UBIMET.
  • Waste garbage cans are available in all rooms of the UBIMET office building to guarantee efficient waste separation.