HUK-COBURG relies on a specially tailored UBIMET Weather Cockpit for claims process management. UBIMET forecasts and analyzes significant weather events in almost real-time that are highly likely to cause damage.

Shortly after the start of the cooperation for the storm SABINE in February 2020, it became apparent that HUK-COBURG was now able to detect accumulation events earlier, evaluate them more reliably and manage them more successfully thanks to the visualizations in the Weather Cockpit. Thanks to UBIMET’s hail analyses, the processes in claims management could also be further improved in the case of the summer hail events that are important for motor vehicle insurers.

“From the point of view of the claims department of one of the largest private insurers in Germany, we made the right decision to work with UBIMET in the field of severe weather forecasts and analyses. The quality of the data and the Weather Cockpit help us to work even more efficiently, which ultimately also benefits the customers,” says Thomas Geck, Head of the Claims Process Management Department.


The HUK-COBURG insurance group is one of the 10 largest German insurance groups and with over 12 million customers, it is the largest insurer for private households in Germany. With around 12.4 million insured motor vehicles, it is the largest German car insurer.


UBIMET is the leading private provider of meteorological forecasting systems, information and severe weather warnings, and the first global digital weather service. The international company, headquartered in Vienna with offices in Karlsruhe, Melbourne, Munich, New York, and Zurich, offers high-quality meteorological data, forecasts, and warnings that allow weather-dependent industries worldwide to increase safety and efficiency. As a market and innovation leader, UBIMET has been providing over 170 customers in the insurance industry with high-precision weather data worldwide for more than 10 years. Loss prevention, operational readiness, and claims management are among the core competencies. The increase of NPS, an improved combined ratio, and positive touchpoints through regular customer contact characterize the cooperation.