The MORECAST weather app is the latest development from UBIMET GmbH. The premium weather app is free of charge and already has millions of satisfied users around the globe. Join the ranks of those who are amazed by MORECAST’s many functions, such as the 3D globe, route weather or the precise down-to-the-minute precipitation radar!


Morecast tells you exactly when it will rain, whether it will be sunny or cloudy and the maximum and minimum temperatures for the upcoming 24 hours and the next 14 days.

Route weather

On the road a lot? Planning a road trip? Use Morecast for an advance preview of the weather forecast for your route, so you can avoid unpleasant weather changes. This will help you plan for a safe and enjoyable journey!


Compare two locations

Do you commute to your workplace? Are you planning a holiday? Would you like to know the weather your family and friends are currently experiencing? With Morecast, you can easily compare the weather in two different locations to always be up-to-date.

3D globe

Follow the global weather with our interactive 3D globe.

Changes in precipitation and temperatures as well as lightning detection across the entire world never looked better!


Are you planning a weekend getaway? Or do you have a serious case of wanderlust? Choose from thousands of global webcams and get a live view of the weather anywhere on earth. Perfect for the armchair tourist!


Is precipitation expected? Will there be lightning?

Get up-to-date information from our live radar at any time.


Share your best weather moments with your friends and family.

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