UBIMET around the globe

With headquarters in Vienna and branch offices in Karlsruhe, Melbourne, Munich, New York and Zurich, the UBIMET Group is represented on three continents. The company’s success story began in 2004 in Vienna. Here, the company was initially founded as a start-up, along with the first severe weather center, and this is also the site of the global company headquarters.

locations_viennaVienna – Company headquarters

Vienna is the location of the UBIMET headquarters. Since 2013, the young, dynamic company has been located on the 10th and 11th floor of the Ares Tower in Vienna’s 22nd district. This is also the home of the competence center for severe weather alerts and meteorological information. The management and all strategic company functions are represented at this location. Every year, UBIMET invests more than 25% of its revenue in research and development, and the R&D department in Vienna cooperates with international research institutes, renowned universities and innovative partners in developing ground-breaking projects.


The UBIMET Group market leader in the field of weather services for energy and insurance companies is based in Karlsruhe, Germany. The quality of its forecasting constitutes an important competitive advantage, in particular in the energy market. As an internationally active private weather service provider. Since 1999 the office has offered weather-related expert opinions, weather data and individual solutions regarding all weather phenomena primarily for the energy and insurance industry as well as for public authorities.


Since 2011, UBIMET is represented in Australia. The Australian severe weather center supplies severe weather alerts for the entire continent. The meteorological team consists of international and local weather experts who offer detailed analyses of the tropical and subtropical weather phenomena typical for Australia. Noteworthy customers in Australia include the Football Federation Australia (FFA), the Professional Golf Association (PGA), and the Australian sailing team, which – with UBIMET’s support – won one gold medal and three silver medals at the 2016 Olympic Games.


Nowcast GmbH is part of the UBIMET Group and is headquartered in the Bavarian metropolis. nowcast’s founder, Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Betz, is the inventor of the patented lightning detection technology, which enables the precise locating of lightning bolts during thunderstorms. Since the company’s foundation in 2002, the lightning location system has been successfully offered under the brand name LINET (Lightning Detection Network) around the world. Nowcast always places the highest value on the best possible detection of lightning – the data’s quality is paramount, and the company is a leader in quality among the commercial lightning detection networks. In particular, the precision of location, probability of detection and information detail are unique for a lightning detection system with a large-scale design.

new-yorkNew York

Since 2014, UBIMET has been represented in the Big Apple. The city serves as the headquarters for the meteorological expertise center of the UBIMET Group and the severe weather center for the USA. American and international meteorology experts supply weather information for the entire USA, with a focus on extreme weather events from freezing rain to hurricanes.


MeteoNews, the leading private weather service in Switzerland, is headquartered in Zurich and a strategic partner of the UBIMET Group. With 40 highly qualified employees, the company supplies the most widely circulated newspapers as well as the country’s radio and television stations. Local forecast precision and the “packaging” – the way in which weather information is made available – have become the trademark of MeteoNews and are referred to as “Meteotainment.” For UBIMET, MeteoNews is the competence center for media meteorology.