Weather Cockpit for PGA Australia

More than 200 professional golf tournaments are held annually by the PGA of Australia. The meteorological risk management is done by the Australian Golf Association with the UBIMET Sports Weather Cockpit®.

The successful performance of professional golf tournaments depends largely on the weather. The Professional Golfers Association (PGA) of Australia uses UBIMET’s Weather Cockpit® every year for over 200 golf tournaments. This includes the tournaments of the PGA Tour of Australasia. The online portal Weather Cockpit® thus supports the PGA, to increase the safety of golfers and spectators and to optimize the planning of tournaments and maintenance work.

Tournament scheduled according to the weather

“UBIMET’s Weather Cockpit® was critical to the successful completion of the 2014 and 2015 PGA Australasia tournaments. We look forward to expanding our service to the National Pro-Am Series, Legends Tour and Trainee Events,” said Graeme Scott, Tournaments Operations Manager.

“Based on the information provided by UBIMET, the PGA was able to adapt the schedule of important tournaments to the weather. With pinpoint weather forecasts for the tournaments, the event manager can make informed decisions about the execution or suspension of the game.”

The Professional Golfers Club Association of Australia (PGA) represents professional golfers, golf instructors and employees in tournaments and clubs working in golf courses in Australia and overseas. With 23,000 employees and over $ 2.7 billion in revenue, golf is one of the most important sports in Australia.