UBIMET accompanies X-Alps paragliders from the City of Salzburg across the Alps all the way to Monte Carlo


UBIMET accompanies the paragliders from the City of Salzburg in Austria across the Alps, past nine turn points all the way to Monte Carlo.

The Red Bull X-Alps – which took place for the eighth time in 2015 – is considered one of the hardest adventure races in the world. The 1,031 km-long course must be covered on foot or with a paraglider. Here, location-specific information regarding wind and weather can make the difference between victory or defeat. This information is provided by UBIMET! Through personal service via e-mail and telephone, athletes and event coordinators receive timely and location-specific information regarding the weather conditions. A weather layer for the live tracks provides information for the fans. “The cooperation with UBIMET is truly inspirational. Their in-depth understanding of meteorology, combined with the fast and uncomplicated data supply, was perfect,” says event organizer Ulrich Grill.


  • Generation of a high-resolution model data for the western Alpine region
  • Precise and personalized weather information for organizers and athletes
  • Integration of a weather layer in the live tracking for fansCurrent weather data for each turnpoint
  • Personal support from the UBIMET Alpine Weather Centre in Innsbruck


The athletes’ race through the Alps for up to twelve days. They are directly exposed to wind and weather, and many will not finish. In order to prepare and plan the route, precise data about the weather, particularly about the wind conditions, are of great importance. In order to quickly and safely navigate their way from Gaisberg to the Dachstein massif, from Zugspitze to the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc and further south, the extreme sportsmen rely on accurate weather information. UBIMET provides event organizers and athletes with precise data on weather and wind. Specialized meteorologists deliver current weather forecasts for each Alpine region several times a day. A weather layer additionally integrated into live tracking so that all parties are well informed, and up to the minute, about any changes in the current weather and the forecast.