Vienna Airport: Efficient airport management with UBIMET weather data

Following FRAPORT and Düsseldorf Airport, Vienna International Airport has also opted for UBIMET. After successfully testing the Aviation Weather Cockpit® from 1st November 2016 to 31st March 2017, Vienna International Airport (VIE) signed a three-year contract with UBIMET to organize its winter operations more efficiently in April 2017.

Highly precise weather information is crucial for efficient and effective winter operations. The Aviation Weather Cockpit® provides relevant weather data in an easy-to-use online portal. We have all the information we require at our fingertips. This solution helps us save money and resources and keep our passengers and airlines safe,“ says Robert Kolar, Head of Airside Services at Vienna International Airport.

“We are proud we have been able to convince VIE based on quality and are glad we can assist this hub to manage its winter operations with highly precise weather data. UBIMET is the first fully digital global weather service provider and delivers highly precise weather data and forecasts to enhance safety and efficiency,” says Michael Fassnauer, CEO UBIMET.

During the winter testing phase, Vienna International Airport tested the UBIMET Weather Cockpit® and was convinced by its reliability and accuracy. For the airport, efficiently planning its winter services is important. If false alerts are generated, this means that the winter service teams are on standby, but nevertheless have to be paid. Consequently, more precise weather forecasts help the airport save both money and resources.

Vienna International Airport handled more than 23 million passengers in 2016. With a minimum connecting time of 25 minutes, it is the ideal transfer airport and was granted a 4-star rating by the renowned market research institute Skytrax in 2016.