Precise site-specific weather forecasts and projections: The UBIMET Weather Cockpit increases safety on construction sites and optimises resource planning.

Challenges in the Construction Industry

Employees in the construction industry are exposed to high levels of risk to their health. Dangerous situations often arise due to unfavorable weather conditions such as rain, snowfall or storms. Site safety is one of the most important parameters for construction projects, alongside the timely and cost-efficient completion of the project. Accurate and reliable weather data for construction sites therefore play a pivotal role in increasing site safety and managing resources more efficiently.

Construction Challenges:

  • On-site health and safety
  • Stricter liability regulations
  • Weather conditions documentation
  • Efficient deployment of personnel, equipment and materials

UBIMET Weather Cockpit: Increasing safety for construction site employees

The UBIMET Weather Cockpit is a professional weather application giving construction companies clarity during planning activities. All important weather parameters for the exact site are tailored to match exact requirements. Site managers are given access to specialised weather forecasts for the coming days, and all workers will receive precise weather warnings via SMS and/or e-mail for critical weather events. This makes it possible to decide in plenty of time whether construction work has to be postponed for safety reasons or can take place without problems. Should it be required weather data can be quickly and easily integrated directly into customer applications using the API interface “UBIMET: Connect”.

UBIMET Solutions:


  • Construction industry weather Cockpit

    • Highly accurate live weather information and forecasts
    • Overview of current & future weather conditions in real time
    • Intuitive weather application
    • Visualization of weather events on high-precision maps
    • High quality data through integration of weather radar, satellite and lightning measurement
    • Lightning detection network
  • Manage the weather

    • Planning calendar overview
    • Set parameters, rules and limits for working conditions
    • Easy site selection and user management

    • Weather-related warnings when parameter thresholds are exceeded (e.g. wind, temperature, precipitation, snow)
    • Severe weather warnings provided by meteorologists
    • Ability to precisely define user groups receiving alerts
    • Distributing early warnings via the Weather Cockpit, e-mail and text message
  • Document the weather

    • Integration of data into company-specific software
    • Documentation of weather as an integral part of the construction solution
    • Archive of weather conditions detected on construction sites
    • Save, send and print reports