Construction Site weather forecasts, data, and severe weather warnings

Weather optimised construction

Site-specific weather forecasts, data and severe weather warnings: The UBIMET Construction Weather Cockpit increases safety on construction sites and optimises resource planning.

Weather is one of the top reasons for missed milestones in the construction industry

Employees in the construction industry are exposed to high levels of risk to their health. Dangerous situations often arise due to unfavourable weather conditions such as rain, snowfall or storms. Site safety is one of the most important parameters for construction projects, alongside the timely and cost-efficient completion of the project. Accurate and reliable weather data for construction sites, therefore, play a pivotal role in increasing site safety and managing resources more efficiently.


Construction Weather Challenges:


Prolonged precipitation will impact construction sites more than the inconvenience of light rain. Construction sites will become saturated affecting ground stability and site-access. Rainfall will also impact operations such as pouring concrete. Unexpected prolonged precipitation will impact on shift rosters and cause delays.


Lightning poses significant health and safety risks for construction workers. Thunderstorms can develop quickly and the 1st lightning strike can hit the construction site directly. Construction sites pose an increased risk profile due to the presence of tall metal structures, such as tower cranes.


Wind is one of the biggest contributors to construction downtime, particularly with operations at height. The use of cranes and tower cranes during construction projects often causes long delays due to extreme weather. Defined operating restrictions means that cranes cannot be operated if wind forces exceed certain limits.

On-site health and safety

Stricter liability regulations

Weather conditions documentation

Efficient deployment of resources

UBIMET Construction Weather Cockpit®


Stay one step ahead of the weather

Severe weather conditions cause unexpected delays and add costs to major construction projects. With the UBIMET Weather Cockpit® you can mitigate weather risks and maximize weather windows of opportunity for major projects. UBIMET supports your construction project from planning with reanalysis weather data to operational delivery with hyper-local site-specific weather forecasts.

UBIMET Weather Cockpit: Increasing safety for construction site employees

The UBIMET Weather Cockpit is a professional weather application giving construction companies clarity during planning activities. All important weather parameters for the exact site are tailored to match exact requirements. Site managers are given access to specialised weather forecasts for the coming days, and all workers will receive precise weather warnings via SMS and/or e-mail for critical weather events. This makes it possible to decide in plenty of time whether construction work has to be postponed for safety reasons or can take place without problems. Should it be required weather data can be quickly and easily integrated directly into customer applications using the API interface “UBIMET: Connect”.


UBIMET Construction Industry Solutions:

  • Construction industry weather Cockpit

    • Highly accurate live weather information and forecasts
    • Overview of current & future weather conditions in real time
    • Intuitive weather application
    • Visualization of weather events on high-precision maps
    • High quality data through integration of weather radar, satellite and lightning measurement
    • Lightning detection network
  • Manage the weather

    • Planning calendar overview
    • Set parameters, rules and limits for working conditions
    • Easy site selection and user management

    • Weather-related warnings when parameter thresholds are exceeded (e.g. wind, temperature, precipitation, snow)
    • Severe weather warnings provided by meteorologists
    • Ability to precisely define user groups receiving alerts
    • Distributing early warnings via the Weather Cockpit, e-mail and text message
  • Document the weather

    • Integration of data into company-specific software
    • Documentation of weather as an integral part of the construction solution
    • Archive of weather conditions detected on construction sites
    • Save, send and print reports

Weather impacts productivity and safety. UBIMET weather solutions enable you to make informed decisions for your construction projects

Warn everyone

Send automatically generated weather warnings when forecast conditions exceed agreed trigger values & site boundaries.

Maximise Profitability

Reduce unnecessary downtime due to severe weather conditions with working conditions & weather warnings.

Be Health & Safety Compliant

Reduce the risk of accidents and keep your crew safe. Recall weather data post-incident for reporting.

Use high resolution forecasts

Receive weather forecasts that matter to you and to your construction sites for quick and reliable decisions.

Become Weather Smart

Weather adjust your operations for the next hour, day or week. Minimise downtime and maximise output.

Plan with the with weather

Analyse historical weather data for future project sites to select equipment and estimate project costs.


Make your construction teams weather-aware right now! UBIMET offers turnkey solutions that constantly monitor dangerous weather conditions and issue tailored warnings for your construction sites, in real-time.

UBIMET: Construction Weather Experts

Our goal is to help you make informed and accurate weather decisions to improve the productivity of your construction project. Over the past 10 years we have developed a number of products and services to assist with:

  • Planning
    • Scheduling
    • Resource re-allocation
    • Management of plant equipment
    • Secure tailings reducing risk of failure and repairs
    • Use of alternative haul roads susceptible to flooding
    • Manage dust, noise and outdoor dispersions and settlements
    • Adequate safety measures to minimise severe weather effects
  • Production
    • Issue precise and proactive alerts
    • Reduce delays and downtime
    • Manage on-site resourcing
    • Reduce risks
    • Ensure workplace health and safety
    • Protect assets and equipment
  • Responsibilities
    • Manage compliance issues
    • Improve community relations
    • Reduce preventable environmental impacts

Weather solutions & lightning data for the construction sector

UBIMET’s services to construction companies include customer access to meteorologists 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as access to the company’s Weather Cockpit, which provides weather information through an online portal. UBIMET owns and operates its own proprietary lightning detection system powered by nowcast. The system with patented 3-D locating consists of sensors measuring the lightning, an extensive network of these sensors and a sophisticated algorithm that calculates the exact location of the lightning.

UBIMET determines which parameters will have the most significant impact on your construction site operations and how best they can support you. The Weather Cockpit thus provides details of site-specific conditions, as well as weather warnings specifically tailored to each location and its associated topography.

UBIMET’s size enables it to draw on a wide variety of information sources. These include access to advanced satellites, weather radar, weather buoy and lightning data which enable real-time reporting. In addition, information is drawn from over 28,000 weather stations worldwide.

Effectively streamlining operations to mesh with local weather patterns won’t solve all of the mining industry’s issues. However, they are a cost-effective strategy to boost productivity that producers cannot afford to ignore in today’s tough, competitive environment.

3 Stage Construction Weather Support

UBIMET can make your construction project “weather smart” by assisting you through the three stages of construction:

Project planning

Reanalysis of historical weather data to optimise project resource management, budgets, and contracts.

Project delivery

Site-specific weather forecasts and severe weather warnings so that you safely meet deadlines.

Project analysis

Analysis of project performance and weather downtimes to optimise future construction projects.

Full Construction Weather Support

UBIMET offers weather support from the earliest stages of construction planning through to post-construction analysis. Identifying weather risks to construction projects during the initial planning stages will assist you to stay on schedule and avoid weather surprises. With this knowledge, you will know when the most efficient time to use a crane, the best time to pour concrete and when vital stages of construction must be compleated by.

The UBIMET Construction Weather Cockpit® will help you prevent avoidable delays during project delivery. The Weather Cockpit® will cover all of your construction sites and include tailored parameters such as crane-hight wind forecasts, giving you total weather visibility. With tailored weather forecasts you will be able to optimise equipment and contractor hire, avoid the dangerous use of equipment (such as cranes) and update your planning to coincide with weather windows of opportunity.

A post-construction analysis of weather-performance can feed back into future projects. With knowledge of how severe weather or seasonal differences impact your processes, you will be able to optimise future construction projects.

Added value for the construction sector

API Integration

Integrate UBIMET weather data into your current systems

Warnings via sms

Perfectly suited for remote construction areas.

Tailored PDF reports

Daily customised thresholds report for your sites

Severe weather warnings for construction sites

Severe weather warnings are sent out via SMS, e-mail or push notification between 48 hours to 15 minutes prior to the arrival of a severe weather event. The alerts concern significant weather events such as thunderstorms, gales, heavy rain, freezing rain or snow. The warnings also cover hurricanes and tropical cyclones in the USA and Australia.

The highest level of reliability regarding severe weather warnings is not only ensured by a progressive, multi-step process, but also by means of location-specific weather analysis and warnings generated with modern, high-end technology.

The transmission process was developed in conjunction with the Fraunhofer Institute and has been ISO certified. This ensures that thousands of severe weather warnings reach their recipients very quickly and in a timely manner.

Added value for every department

C-Level Management

Increase profitability, efficiency and reduce downtime

Health & Saftey

Reduce risks of severe weather impacting staff & equipment


Schedule exploration and site operations more efficiently


Monitor access roads to optimise the supply chain

Want to integrate hyperlocal weather insights into your own systems?

With the UBIMET API “UBI:Connect” it’s easy to create a connection between your systems and UBIMET’s high-quality hyper-local weather database. Find out more on our dedicated weather API page or ask for more information below.


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