• UBIMET: Karara Mining operates in the Midwest of Western Australia

Karara Mining is keeping it safe thanks to UBIMET

Karara Mining operates in the Midwest of Western Australia and experiences a range of severe weather events that need to be monitored and actioned to ensure the safety our personnel and the ongoing productivity of the business.

With infrastructure and operations ranging from open pit mining with the associated drill and blast activities, elevated steel processing structures, crane operations, rail operations and an aerodrome, the need to have accurate, timely forecasting and alert systems is critical.

UBIMET’s weather cockpit allows each area of the business to receive relevant and staged lightning alerts via SMS or email. Although many systems allow this, UBIMET’s self-customisable interface allows us to dynamically manage changes in our personnel on a day to day basis if required.

The usability and functionality of the cockpit allow the business units to accurately monitor and track lightning and storm activity to ensure that personnel are safe but also ensure that production and maintenance activities are not unnecessarily delayed or stopped, thus reducing any downtime in a controlled and measurable manner.

In comparison to other systems used UBIMET offers a highly customisable, extremely reliable and easy-to-use product, from the system administrator through to the end receiver.” Peter Burton, Manager – Health Safety & Training, Karara Mining Limited