UBIMET @ Blockbuster film production set

We decided to try UBIMET after it was recommended by a colleague. Working on a big budget studio film, we rely heavily on accurate weather forecasts because a bad decision to shoot outdoors can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We were previously using a weather service that sent us twice daily forecasts, but we often need to provide updated weather advice to nervous Producers and Rigging teams throughout the day, as weather conditions change. UBIMET allows us to do this and even better, we don’t have to call anyone. We can just log in to the system at any time of the day or night and have complete access to live weather conditions. We are then able to generate detailed reports, focused on whatever aspect of the weather we are most concerned about, and email these reports out to our decision makers.

The configurable early warning alerts for severe weather were also great, as we could set our own parameters and then key crew could receive rain, wind or lightning alerts via text and email. This advanced warning allowed us preparation time to get expensive gear undercover, take down cranes or safely wrap crew before the weather hit.

UBIMET has enabled us to make critical decisions in scheduling the logistics of our feature film, both in advance and on the day. I would highly recommend this for anyone whose business relies on having 24/7 access to the most current weather information. Going forward, UBIMET will be an integral part of any film production I coordinate.” Production Coordinator Candice Preddy