Less Feed-in Management in April 2018

Karlsruhe, May 24, 2018.

Even though the combination of wind and solar energy was outstanding with 13,732 GWh* in April 2018,  the monthly EinsMan quantities do not reflect this. In April, less feed-in management measures (EinsMan) were realized by grid operators than in March 2018. The maximum of Germany-wide curtailments of renewable energy systems was achieved on April 12, with almost 3.5 GW (see graph below). According to UBIMET’s latest figures, EinsMan quantities totalled 350 GWh in April, while EinsMan quantities in March increased to 450 GWh due to subsequent publications by individual grid operators.

Despite outstanding amounts of renewable energy feed-in, EinsMan quantities were lower than in March. The reason is that although the April was windy, there were neither pronounced low-pressure systems with high wind speeds especially in the north of Germany with low consumption at the same time. A combination that usually favours many EinsMan measures of grid operators.

Grid operators regulate renewable energy plants with feed-in management measures to secure grid stability. UBIMET uses the EinsMan Monitor** to extrapolate the current curtailments for Germany. The UBIMET EinsMan Forecast*, which is based on a fundamental model, is used to predict feed-in management measures.

The above-mentioned EinsMan quantities are subject to missing publications and subsequent changes by individual grid operators.

*The invention, which forms the basis of the EinsMan Monitor and the EinsMan Forecast, is protected as a utility model (DE 20 2017 100 343.4) and has also been filed for a patent by UBIMET (DE 10 2017 101 265.6), European patent application no. 18152472.5 and in the USA US patent application no. 15/879,326).

Less Feed-in Management in April 2018


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