Long-Term Index April 2018

Long-Term Index April 2018*

  • Solar and wind power production above average leads to April-record for total renewables production
  • Warmest April since over 30 years

Karlsruhe, May 7th 2018. At 4.9 degrees above the average temperature, April 2018 was the warmest April in Germany since records began. Low-pressure areas over western Europe regularly lead to warm air masses from the South or Southwest to Germany.

With solar power generation of 4,797 GWh, this April is in 4th place of the last 40 years*. The most solar power production was in April 2007 at 5,424 GWh, with the currently installed capacity. The above average performance of solar energy was due to Germany receiving 142% of the mean sunshine duration. In some locations, such as Bavaria, up to 170% of the average sunshine duration was measured.

Similar to April 2017, April 2018 was very windy – wind power production was slightly less than 2017 at 8,935 GW and therefore reached position #5*. The best April months for wind power production were in 1985, 1995 and 1997. April 1985 was the best in the last 40 years with a production of 9,687 GWh. Germany experienced a number of thunderstorms last month, some of which brought heavy rain and gales. The strongest gust was measured on April 30th in St. Peter-Ording (126 km/h). Most meteorological stations measured gusts with a minimum of 62 km/h at least once in April.

The total amount of wind and solar power production was an impressive April figure of 13,732 GWh. That amount of renewable energy could not have been produced in any of the past 39 years, using currently installed capacity*.

* The UBIMET long-term index compares the solar and wind energy production yields. The UBIMET experts calculate the
respective yields for each month of the last 39 years and compare them to the current values. Every yield is related to the
current German portfolio so that the periods can be compared.