Golf NSW now offering precise weather forecasting solutions to its members

Internationally, more and more golf courses are implementing emergency warning systems to improve the safety of courses for players during stormy weather conditions – and Australia is no exception. To this end, Golf NSW has recently partnered with a leading meteorology services and severe weather warning provider, UBIMET, to improve the safety of courses for players.

Under the agreement, Golf NSW’s 390 member golf courses will have the opportunity to access UBIMET’s Lightning Detection System. In addition, Golf NSW will implement UBIMET’s Weather Cockpit, a web-based portal that provides access to hyper-local forecasts for its tournaments and major events.

“We were impressed by the accuracy of weather information UBIMET provided the PGA for the 2014 Australian Masters, and after some extensive trials we are pleased to be working closely with UBIMET to assist in providing an important service to each and every one of our member clubs in NSW, and not just for our own tournaments and events,” says Graeme Philipson, General Manager Golf at Golf NSW.

Accurate, sophisticated solutions

UBIMET’s Lightning Detection System (LDS) is Australia’s only high-precision lightning detection network, enabling detection of strikes to within 100m and below. When lightning is detected within a set radius of the club, SMS and email warnings are sent to golf club superintendents or other designated staff members, warning of impending lightning. The system assists to minimise risk of a golfer being struck by lightning for NSW golf clubs and provides an essential value-add weather information service they can provide to their members and guests.

In addition, the Weather Cockpit, UBIMET’s web-based portal, will enable Golf NSW to plan more effectively and confidently by monitoring developing weather patterns, while having visibility of forecasts up to seven days in advance for specific events and tournaments. The Weather Cockpit’s forecasts are updated hourly and give information on temperature, wind and precipitation, which combined with the LDS, provides SMS and email alerts on lightning weather events.

“The safety of players is of paramount importance to each golf club, and it’s important to have warning systems in place to let golfers know when weather conditions have the potential for danger,” says Paul de Boer, UBIMET Business Development Manager. “UBIMET’s solutions are ideal for this purpose.

“The focus is on providing timely severe weather warnings for a hyper-local site. Some NSW golf courses extend more than two kilometers from the club house so it means golfers can worry less about being caught in a storm on the golf course.”

UBIMET’s high precision weather forecasting is already being used by more than 30 golf courses around Australia, including the Royal Melbourne Golf Club and The Grange in Adelaide.

“Our Lightning Detection System will reliably detect lightning strikes, enabling users to monitor an approaching lightning storm, provide appropriate warnings to staff, members and their guests, and have the chance to prepare,” says Paul.

“Clubs can sound their warning activation system with great confidence, based upon the precise location of current lightning and direction of thunderstorms.”

Any Australian golf course or association wanting to learn more about UBIMET’s Lightning Detection System or Weather Cockpit can contact UBIMET on 03 8609 8401.