• High risk of rain and thunderstorm on the free practice and qualifying days
  • Summery temperatures guaranteed
  • Intermittently sunny and dry on the day of the race

Vienna, September 4, 2015 – Every year, the race in Italy represents major challenges for Formula 1 drivers on the world’s fastest racecourse. On the days of the free practice and qualifying sessions, the fickle weather could make the day even more exciting than it already promises to be. However, the day of the actual race should be dry and sunny, according to UBIMET’s forecast.

Training and Qualifying with Risk

During the race weekend at Autodromo Nazionale Monza, the weather seems to be of two minds. “On both Friday and Saturday, you can expect scattered showers particularly in the evening. It may also rain on Saturday morning,” explains UBIMET, “but it will be quite summer like, with about 24 to 27 degrees.” Thus, for the free practice on Friday, but also for the qualifying next day excitement is guaranteed. After all, it’s usually only possible to predict with very little warning when a downpour or heavy thunderstorm will hit the racecourse. The Formula 1 teams then have to make a quick decision about which tires to use, which is why it’s so important for UBIMET, the Formula 1’s official weather service provider, to deliver the most precise forecasts possible.

Friendly Sunday

At least from the current meteorological perspective, it looks like things are going to quiet down on Sunday. “Starting in the morning, the day will be dominated by late-summer weather, with a few scattered cumulus clouds and very little chance of rain,” says UBIMET with confidence. The pleasant, summery temperatures will fluctuate between 24 and 26 degrees.