The Formula 1 teams have shifted continents (and quite possibly their strategies, with Mercedes’ dominance this season) and are now heading to Austria. Spielberg is one of the most popular courses due to the stunning surrounding mountains. However the mountains can also create some more challenging forecast scenarios. The latest weather forecast from UBIMET calls for very cloudy and cool conditions with a slight risk of showers.

Humid training and qualifying

A weak front embedded in a northwesterly flow will influence weather conditions on Friday and Saturday. „Spielberg is located just south of the main ridge of the Alps, so when a front moves in from the northwest the mountains often shield the city from rainfall. However Spielberg will still see very cloudy conditions during the training sessions and the qualifying“, explain the UBIMET Forecasters. „Light showers are forecast on Friday and there is a small chance they will affect the circuit. On Saturday the rain possibilty ranges between 20 and 40%.“ The temperatures are cooler than one would expect for early summer, with a maximum of 16 to 18 degrees.

Better conditions on Sunday

High pressure will influence the region on Sunday, so the weather will be more stable than the previous days. „The rain risk decreases to 15 to 20% and we are expecting partly to mostly cloudy conditions throughout the day“, says Steffen Dietz, meteorologist and project leader of Formula 1. „Last year we had clear skies, 14 hours of sunshine and 27 degrees, while this year it will be much cooler with only 18 degrees.“