The rain eased this morning in Spielberg and increasing sunshine means that after a slick start there is now very little moisture left on the track. But this respite will be brief. The mountains north of Spielberg that create such a beautiful backdrop to the circuit also shield the area from rain, particularly when there are strong winds moving in from the northwest. However the northwesterly flow will be less intense tomorrow, so the chance of showers will increase. The team from UBIMET, the Formula 1 weather service provider, travels with a portable radar unit and will be able to provide precise updates throughout the weekend.

Rain or not?

It is crucial that the Formula 1 teams are well informed about possible showers or rain. The weather conditions play an important role in decisions and strategy, such as tyre selection. Project Manager and Meteorologist Steffen Dietz has been keeping a very close eye on model developments and the weather outlook since the beginning of this week: “The weather will keep us on our toes, but it is also quite a similar situation to last year. The showers in northern Styria have dissipated, and around Spielberg a few showers came in this morning. The circuit stayed dry for the second session this afternoon, and now we are preparing for tomorrow. ”

Wet qualifying?

Meteorologists from UBIMET forecast a dry and rather cool morning on Saturday, however showers will return in the afternoon. “From midday there is a possibility of showers, but they will be intermittent. The qualifying at 2pm could certainly be affected, but we will be keeping all the teams updated”, says Formula 1 expert Dietz. The portable radar unit provides immediate data to the meteorologists and the Formula 1 teams. “On Sunday we expect more stable conditions – more sun but with cumulus clouds. It will be drier, but we cannot rule out a light, passing shower.” Fans at the track will need to be prepared for changeable conditions and, with a maximum of 18 degrees expected, cooler racing weather.